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the difference will not be concerned with me

where to turn? when there’s so much space it could swallow you whole, where do you run? … do you run? maybe the secret in the hollow is learning to invert it. i’m not saying become whole, no, because nobody is ever whole. the opposite of hollow definitely isn’t full… because hollow just means you aren’t sold in the middle. in fact, i hope i never become un-hollow again. un-hollow comes with a tragedy. it’s sitting at the dining table with your arms folded under your head. un-hollow won’t come out. it’s something heavy like a rock, only even heavier than that.

don’t be afraid of your hollow. think of it like your heart; your hollow little ventricles, veins, and capilaries keep you alive. when they fill you clog up and malfunction. a little empty is necessary.

this is necessary.



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